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How to Create a Guest Room Oasis

We all want to know how to create the perfect guest room. 

Even though your guest bedroom may very well be the least-used room in your home, it is equally important to consider its details as it is for the rest of your living space. Your guest room will not only keep your guests comfortable during their stay, but wanting to return.

Here are some useful tips for creating the perfect guest room oasis:

1. Calming Hues Let’s face it: No matter how lovable you are as a host/hostess, your guest will not likely want to return to your home if they need to sleep in a dark red or bubble-gum pink room. Aggressive, bright colors are not only uninviting, but physically and mentally disturbing (read more about creating positive energy in your home¬†here). Choosing a pastel wall color — or even a simple ivory with pale-colored furnishing will leave your guest room with a clean appearance, yet a warm, welcoming feel. Bonus Tip: Add beige tones for more sophistication.


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