Crazy Lady in England Is Just Crazy

Written by Emily

Ugh I couldn’t think of a title for this post and I figured just to put it all out there. Dawn Smith, 35 of England left her husband, 38 and three kids for her step-son Ben, 18. Calling Jerry Springer! It gets better. After a year of them dating, Dawn left Ben for his BEST FRIEND Mark, 20. She explains how the strain on her and her step-sons relationship was caused by her ex-husband. What a smart cookie this one is.  Dawn says “Ben’s his son and I’m his ex-wife and the mother of his other three children. I suppose it was doomed from the start. Falling in love with Mark was something I didn’t see coming. But now my life is perfect.” Is it?! Is it REALLY?! You are all over the news for being a whackjob who is preying on kids who clearly have emotional issues. She even says how Mark comes from a “tough upbringing.”

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Now Dawn and Mark are living together with her three children and “became a father figure.” Her ex step-son/boyfriend/psychologists dream even lived with the couple for a while. While they all seem to think this is completely normal, the rest of the world is judging you lady. Best yet? Before Mark left to join the Army, he proposed to Dawn. Please GOD someone save her kids.

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