Come Lay With Me At the Hammock Cafe, Tokyo

hammock cafe, tokyo
Written by Gary

I don’t do it very often, but laying around in a hammock is one of my favorite things to do. Aside from a rooftop screening of Jurassic Park last summer my ass hasn’t seen a hammock in years, so when I heard about the Hammock Cafe in Tokyo, I was understandably excited and the lazy asshole inside me perked up a bit. I was also lead to the inevitable question: Do we need to explore what constitutes a “cafe” in Asia? Oh, the things I’ve seen.

hammock cafe, tokyo
Located in Kichijoji, Tokyo, the Hammock Cafe is just a chill atmosphere where you can grab a fun drink and lay the fuck down. The hammocks are so comf that a 90-120 time limit has been placed upon them, but its only enforced during busy hours.
The catch, of course, is that the cafe doubles as a showroom for a store called Hammock 2000, so if customers like the hammocks they sit in, they are welcome to shell out a few hundies for one of their own. Genius marketing scheme? Yes. Super comfortable cafe? Yes. I don’t really see a downside here, although Scoliosis advocates might disagree.

hammock cafe, tokyo

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