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College Offers Marijuana Farming Course

Written by Bryce


Founded by a 24-year-old casually called Nick by his peers, the small, suburban college runs six-week horticulture courses for $485.  This isn’t your everyday horticulture though- the course covers the skills required to grow the marijuana plants, as well as recipes for cooking and the legal pitfalls and loopholes.  Seems like a good way to keep kids in school and off the streets, I say.

Nick Tennant says: “This state needs jobs, and we think medical marijuana can stimulate the state economy with hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars.”  He’s referring to his badly-battered home state of Michigan, where jobs have all but disappeared and left the population poor and depressed.  What better way to solve that economic and social crisis?

Students of Mr. Tennant’s course are taught recipes for cannabis butter, cannabis chocolate icing, and “greenies” (like brownies, but happier).

New legislation in Michigan, the 2008 Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, has made growing marijuana for medicinal purposes legal. Patients can legally buy weed if they have a legit medical issue that needs attention, and it’s prescribed by their doctor.

In fact, patients can grow up to 12 plants for themselves, or can purchase from a licensed “caregiver” who can grow for up to five named patients (a total of 60 plants). Anyone aged 21 or over with no criminal record can be licensed as a “caregiver”.

5,800 people have registered as patients in the state of Michigan, while 2,400 have registered as caregivers so far.

However, despite the new legal status of cannabis, the attendees of the Med Grow Cannabis College were not generally advertising their new student status to their friends and families.

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