Cohabitation Must-Haves

Written by Linda

There are great things about being a couple, and then there are some things, like having to share a small bathroom that could definitely fall into the not-so-great category. But a little separation, like these adorable Hers & His mugs from Etsy, will quickly become your go-to mugs to keep morning coffee confusion at bay.

Although… we may not want to share the kudos with him on his awesome razors, we may be able to share some other products that can easily swing into the “His & Hers” world to free up some space in a small room.

First, Yardley of London Bath Soap.  You know he doesn’t want to use your fruity, floral shower gel.  But bar soap?  Any guy is up for that.  Well Yardley has made a number of bar soaps that smell super yummy for both guys and girls, like Fresh Aloe with Cucumber, Lemon Verbena with Shea Butter and Honeysuckle Citrus. None are over the top fruity or floral, but each of these soaps has a refreshing in-shower scent that will moisturize & awaken tired skin in-shower, while the scents will dwindle by the time you’re out the door.

And to keep cohhabbing interesting, you don’t have to be a massage pro.  You know each others’ bodies better than anyone else—and if you don’t yet you surely will with Bhaktiveda nourishing massage oil! Get busy learning with this luscious feeling and intoxicating smelling massage oil.

And remember, no relationship may be the perfect love story, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a happy ending.  🙂

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