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This Cocktail from 11 Hanover Greek in NYC Will Give You the Feels

Written by Bryce

The 11 Hangover is the playful, puntastic signature cocktail from 11 Hanover Greek in Manhattan.

Greek food, you are one of the most delicious reasons to love all things Mediterranean. We love you so, and so do the geniuses over at 11 Hanover, New York City’s coolest new Greek dining experience.

Located at 11 Hanover Square in Manhattan’s up and coming Financial District (also known as “FiDi” to the post-grad group currently calling the neighborhood home), this new seafood restaurant transports diners to Greece one bite at a time. If you can’t manage to get more PTO for your trip to Mykonos, seriously don’t worry, just get your tush downtown and drink your pants off at their bar while eating feta-laced everything. It’s currently even trendier than these Greek hipster statues if you can believe it.

11 Hanover Greek’s “11 Hangover” cocktail, $14

If you don’t live anywhere near NYC to begin with, that’s also okay, just recreate 11 Hanover’s signature “11 Hangover” cocktail in your own home and proceed to break plates while dancing on your coffee table. You do you.

11 Hangover
• 2 oz tsipouro (Greek spirit)
• 1 oz lime
• 2 mint leaves, muddled
• .75 oz baklava syrup
Add all ingredients. Shake, double strain. Pour into rocks glass with crushed ice. Shave cinnamon on top for aroma. Garnish with cinnamon stick. Dance like this, if you’d like:


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