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The Cliff Pool at The Edge Bali is Surreal

Written by Bryce

This cliff pool at The Edge Bali is surreal.

If you’re into incredibly artistic Instagram photos, traveling to adventurous places, and swimming like a seahorse, you need to know about the cliff pool at The Edge Bali.

Why? Because just look at this:

The Edge Bali, credit: instagram

The Edge Resort (and their magical pool) in Bali is literally built into the cliffs of Uluwatu and features luxe rooms and village, spas, dining options, and what appears to be the best swimming pool of all time. The OneEighty pool is perched 500 feet (gasp!) above the Indian Ocean, extended over the edge of the hotel’s cliffs, and features a glass bottom floor that is either entirely perfect or terribly, horribly scary.

Exhilarating, right?

The Edge Bali, credit: Instagram

You can even eat breakfast in the pool. Seriously, they’ll deliver you a fresh plate of delicious breakfast on a float-worthy tray to consume in the cliff pool, 500 feet above the sea, and light years beyond all the people you know on Facebook (check out who viewed your Facebook profile here).

Cliff pool dreams in Bali

Obsessed? So are we. You can book at trip to the cliff pool of your dreams here.

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