Chanel for All Your Sporting Needs

Written by emilyc

Firstly, you should avoid sports altogether. I have successfully done it all my life. Weirdly enough though, seeing this little kaleidoscope of Chanel sporting goods makes me want to go fishing or something. Maybe throw a football. Don’t repeat that.

Chanel Sporting Goods

No, I don’t want to throw a football no matter how many times Karl Lagerfeld says it’s ok, but if you’re one of those girls, these are all real items that you can actually buy. Just look at Chanel.com. who isn’t in the market for a Chanel fishing rod?

Imagine the chic costumes, or uniforms or whatever, the basketball and football teams would wear if they bit the bullet and invested in some Chanel basketballs and footballs. Did you see our article on the most glam basketball hoop ever? It’s the perfect complement to what Chanel has to offer.

Personally, I’m a fan of the weights. I’m guessing they’re about 1-2 pounds each – just right!

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