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Chameleon Shoes Change Patterns Digitally

customizable shoes
Written by Gary

Flexible screens allow these Chameleon Shoes to change patterns.

customizable shoes

I am a confirmed sneaker hoarder. I have a closet in my hall that is so full of shoes, that I recognize I’m probably paying serious rent just for my kicks– NYC doesn’t make it easy on a shoe lover . That being said, I never wear any of them, so I freely admit that I may have a problem.

New York designer David Coelho has created a solution to my problem, however. These chameleon shoes take advantage of flexible e-reader screens that change patterns with the touch of a button.

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The adaptable shoes are completely customizable from your smart phone, are made of display screens similar to that of the Amazon Kindle, and will come in high, medium, and low-top styles. The shoes are waterproof and machine-washable, and coated with Kevlar fibers to resist wear and tear, and every step you take helps charge the battery for extended use.

The start-up company is currently raising funds on Indiegogo, but you can pre-order a pair starting at $150, ranging up to $1,000.

The future is here, people. These are going to look pretty killer on your hoverboard.

customizable shoes

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