Celeb Spotting: Lady Gaga’s New Music Video

The new Lady Gaga video is 14 minutes long and completely underwhelming.

Have you seen the new Lady Gaga video/mini movie? I just did and let me just tell you, it’s underwhelming. The video is supposed to be a retelling of what Lady Gaga says to be the worst day of her life. The video is a mix of scenes of Gaga in a clinic or insane asylum, dancing around in a dance studio and then a stage, but my favorite part is when she dumps Cheerios all over herself because it looks hilarious. In my mind, Lady Gaga has yet to top “Bad Romance.” Watch for yourself, however it’s like 14 minutes long. Grab a snack.

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  • I went to her concert two weeks ago and the geraenl admission didn’t fill up very quick, I don’t think you have to go REALLY early. Tons of people took their time getting drinks and stuff. Have fun at the show! It was the best night of my life =)I’m going again in March and this time getting geraenl admission, it’s going to be GREAT

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