Celeb Spotting: JLo Flies Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease

Written by Olga

She may have not have been Artist of the Year, but in true Jennifer Lopez form, she upstaged EVERYBODY at the American Music Awards anyway.

Regardless of what you think of JLo’s singing talents, I think we can all agree that bitch can put on a show. And did she ever at last night’s American Music Awards. She shook, she twirled, she friggin’ flew through the air – and she did this all while wearing a¬†bedazzled cat suit. HOTT! Taylor Swift may have won Artist of the Year, but does anyone even care? I mean, hello? JLo shook it out to three songs in one performance, backed her voluptuous bootie up on Pitbull and drove A CAR on stage. No one puts JLo in a corner. JLo’s unfortunate ex-husband Marc Anthony had to perform later that night, and let’s just say JLo clearly had the last laugh.

She may be a mother of twins and getting up there in age, but it’s pretty clear that ain’t keeping Jennifer Lopez from dancing her ass off and looking as a sexy as ever while doing it. I only have three words for JLo: work it, bitch.

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