This Cat Quinceanera Will Complete Your Life

Written by Bryce

First of all, did you even know cat quinceanera parties were even a thing?

Did you even know cat quinceanera parties existed? We didn’t either, and honestly we’re just upset MTV never thought to make an episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen around this greatness. If you’re in the dark about what a quinceañera even is, let’s discuss – it’s a glorious Hispanic tradition that’s sort of the hybrid between a sweet sixteen (but at fifteen), a coming out debutante-style fiesta, and a bat mitzvah. It’s all the things a teenage female would want, and apparently even teenage female cats. But back to the cat.

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Luna the cat’s guest list for her quinceanera was “incredibly exclusive” according to an interview with Metro, with only “about 12 people in attendance, and two other pets present in the house.” A dog named Noodles and another cat buddy, Leo, were there to partake in the near-limitless joy.


While typical celebrations like these for humans can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, Luna’s cat quinceanera was a more modest affair that ran her owners about $100 and a few hours of setup.

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“We mostly talked, played with the birthday girl, and ate lots of great snacks. Tacos, cookies, a traditional tres leches came from our favorite bakery,” shared Luna’s owner, Angel Olavarria. “‘She went crazy when we popped open a can of tuna. We placed it behind the cake and that’s what she is actually eating in the pictures.”

Facebook.com/quincanera cat

We feel, you Luna.

When asked about how the now-famous cat is responding to her digital fame, her owner responded elegantly. “‘My mom said she’s like one of the Kardashians now that she is famous.”

Facebook.com/quincanera cat

Live your best life, Luna, and if you end up drinking a little more, we’d like to add a photo of you to our smooshed cats collection.

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