Can You Tan With Sunscreen? One Dr. Says Yes.

can you tan with sunscreen
Written by Allison

Can you tan with sunscreen on? Good question!

This has been a record-breaking hot and sunny summer across the globe. With more and more of us getting into that skincare game and a daily dose of sunscreen isn’t too uncommon it left us wondering, can you tan with sunscreen? That is, if you’re wearing your sunscreen and reapplying regularly throughout the day, can you still get your hot-hot summer tan?

The verdict: can you tan with sunscreen?

We asked Michael Lin, MD, a Beverly Hills dermatologist about his thoughts on SPF and tanning. He gave us a resounding “Yes, for sure can you tan with sunscreen.” He added, “Sunscreen is not 100% blocking” which is why we have the SPF rating. It tells you how much sun protection you’re getting.” This even goes for the highest SPF sunscreen options out there.

Dr. Lin reminds us that sunscreen isn’t a one-and-done situation. He says that it “Has to be reapplied every two hours,” and even then you should seek out “protective clothing and shade” as an effective and literal sun block. Which means that you really should wear that sunscreen shirt your grandma got you!

How to fake a summer tan

If you’re not getting your summer tan because you’re saving your skin, don’t you worry. We’re bronzer aficionados around these parts. A summer glow is totally possible, even if you’re feeling pasty.

We like cream and liquid bronzers in the summer that give you the glow. This is the NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer. Mix a liquid bronzer into your base makeup for an all over color, or applied on top of foundation for a stronger bronzed look.

Apply on the high points of your face (forehead, nose, cheekbones) for a realistic sun kissed look, or apply like contour for a warm-toned glam look.

vitamin C serum benefits

All the summer vibes, no sunburn necessary!

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