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Written by Ashley

I consider myself a ‘bag lady’ of sorts. I always have an extra pair of shoes, 3 umbrellas ( only when it’s sunny, NEVER when it’s pouring), cameras, a sweater, extra pants, someone’s dog, the newspaper from each day of the past week, some Cream of Wheat ( gotta get my iron), and of course a Tappening bottle or two, the best eco-friendly-H20 bottles on the market.  These bottles are not only stylin’,& durable but they help to raise awareness for the use of tap water in these reusable bottles– lessening our global waste, and utilizing the free aquatic bounty we have right in our kitchens!  After all- tap water is just as good as the store bought stuff!

What’s Tappening? Avail @ Tappening.com

And to carry around these numerous yet life essential items, I have an array of eco-wallet-Ashley friendly totes that make my world go round:

SpreadShirt.com Totes:

These customizable goodies let you choose a canvas ( tote? messenger bag (this one’s my ULTIMATE FAV!) t-shirt? apron?  the possibilities are endless) choose a graphic ( there are hundreds to choose from, or upload your own) and customize text in order to make a one of a kind item, for yourself, or for their own use.  And for only $17, why not?!

Stuff your things in this! Avail at SpreadShirt.com
This is what I use to carry bananas avail at SpreadShirt.com

For the bulk-goods lover… Goody Green Bags:

You can not only fit all of your bulk goods into these compact, easily fold-up-able bags, but you can purchase them for cheaps by the dozens! They come in ridic colors, designs and varieties, so you can use these jazzy numbers to make your drab outfit snappy. So stock up, keep one in the glove compartment, at the office, in your other totes, at your lover’s house filled with lady products and on your shoulder for toting.

I hate polka dots, but I'd still use this. Only $8.95 at GoodyGreenBag.com
I hate polka dots, but I’d still use this for toting: Only $8.95 at GoodyGreenBag.com

And finally, Old Faithful… The String Bag:

These are amazinggggggg. Period.  They travel small, and help you travel BIG. and they’re just so damn cute!  Fair trade, eco-friendly, reusable and fair labor, and you can also buy these in sets of 5 for cheaps!  And what better beach bag can you ask for?  Nothing’s worse than coming home and having half of the shore with you- leave the sand behind with the EcoBag String Bags.

Milano in Purple (filled with a million apples) $7 at EcoBags.com

Milano in Purple (filled with a million apples) $7 at EcoBags.com

Stylish and all sorts of convenient, proceeds from the sales of certain bags at EcoBags.com are donated to MS Research, DoSomething.org, the Green Ambassadors and the Environmental Media Association.

For all of these bags, of course, the more your order, the cheaper they are per bag!  Stock up and use them for gift bags, party favors, and as backups for your beach days and grocery trips.

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