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BUZZ ALERT: Lemon & Strawberry Jell-o Shooters

Written by Ashley

Jello-O shots just got real, real classy.

If this isn’t the most genius & unassuming way to get your guests drunk, I don’t know what is. These Jell-O shots in a lemon peel, sans dixie cup, will garnish any mixed drink for an added kick – and this ain’t no wiggler nonsense. This is grade-A, fancy pants, jell-o shooting.

Recipe via Bakers Royale — you can do it with strawberries, too.

  • Empty out the citrus of your choice to create a vessel.
  • Juice the citrus first as it makes for easier pulp removal. Save extracted juice for later recipes.
  • Use either a grapefruit knife to hollow out the citrus, or the easier way,  is to turn them inside out like the picture and dig deeply in to the pith until you catch the thin membrane holding the pulp and then peel back.
  • Make sure to completely clean out your citrus or the pulp will show in the wedges.
  • Make the Jell-O according to the instructions on the box and then reduce the cold water portion by ¼ cup and replace with your chilled drink mix. Place emptied citrus into muffin pan holes. Pour mixture into emptied citrus and chill overnight.
  • Use a straight edge knife to cut into wedges. Do not use a serrated knife or it will leave track marks.
  • Make sure to use a sharp knife or you will end up with mangled wedges.

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