LA Bar Uses Bruce and Caitlyn Images for Bathroom Signage

trans bathroom issues
Written by Gary

Bruce and Caitlyn bathroom signage.

A bar in Los Angeles is using Caitlyn Jenner’s pre-transition photo to designate which bathroom is male, and which is female.

trans bathroom issues

Admittedly, when it comes to gender, we are living in some really uncertain times. The whole transgender bathroom debacle in politics is a hot mess, but it definitely opens up a conversation about the public’s perception and acceptance of trans people. Caitlyn Jenner made waves when she publicly transitioned from a celebrated Olympic athlete to a trans spokesperson that can’t seem to connect with her audience. A bar in West Los Angeles is capitalizing on this public debate by using her old Wheaties box photo (as a man), and her Vanity Fair cover (as a woman) to designate the male and female bathrooms.

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Nickel Bar calls the move a ‘witty touch on a culturally relevant topic’, and says that they have received mostly lighthearted reactions. They also mention that it isn’t meant to be derogatory, which I sort of believe.

Whether or not you are offended by it, at least these bathroom doors start a conversation. Hopefully this conversation leads to our country becoming more accepting of any and all genders, instead of focusing in on such a binary system of classification, which ultimately lends itself to discrimination.

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