Breast Milk for Stretch Marks? One Mom Swears By It.

breast milk for stretch marks
Written by Bryce

One new mom says using breast milk for stretch marks is near-magical.

There are a lot of skin woes out there, and natural breast milk seems to have a lot of promising qualities for treating them. Everything from fungal acne (you can thank breast milk’s naturally-occurring probiotics for that) to the battle to increase scalp circulation seems to benefit from a dose of mother’s milk, but now there’s photo evidence that you can use breast for stretch marks thanks to one new mom.

Chantelle Clarke shared this picture to Facebook after rubbing breast milk on the right side of her stomach to help with stretch mark scars — the difference is easy to see.

breast milk for stretch marks

According to Chantelle’s social media post about using breast milk for stretch marks, she “can’t believe” how faded the treated areas are now, and noted that the areas she applied her milk to have also been reduced in overall depth. She noted that she can’t promise her almost-magical treatment idea will work for everyone, but that it “definitely helps.” Perhaps it’s all those breast milk antibodies.

She explained in her post that she’s, “Been trying a little experiment for the last two weeks. Been putting breastmilk on one side of my stomach. I can’t believe the difference!! For any moms out there breastfeeding, put a little on those tiger stripes.”

Her treatment method? Rubbing some onto the affected skin areas every time she nurses her two month old infant daughter. She applies enough, “so it’s almost dripping off.”

Other moms on social media have been quick to comment their other creative uses for their milk as well, noting that breast milk for stretch marks isn’t the only noteworthy use.

breast milk tricks

Another mom happily noted that applying her breast milk topically to heal her acne has helped “so much.” We’re definitely impressed by Chantelle’s results, and are eager to see her progress in coming weeks in months.

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