10 Breast Implant Facts You Should Know

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The Boob 411: Enjoy these breast implant facts… they’ll probably surprise you.

According to, nearly 300,000 breast implant surgeries were performed in 2014 alone. That’s a huge number of augmented breasts out there, leading us to believe that you probably want to know more. Even if you don’t have or want faux boobs, these breast implant facts are pretty interesting. Grab some popcorn.

breast implant facts

  1. You’re supposed to massage your new boobs after they’re implanted. “I do have just about all of my breast augmentation patients start massaging their new implants around one to two weeks after surgery. Massaging does help to keep the implant capsules soft as they are developing and maturing,” says Kevin Brenner, a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Beverly Hills.
  2. Natural sizes win the recent popularity contest. The trend has shifted from super-huge to super-in proportion. There’s no reason to go DDD if you’re 5’2″ and only 91 pounds. The most common size range for breast implants now is in the range of 275 cc to 375 cc. “This is much less than the average sizes of implants that I was putting in ten years ago (375 to 475 cc),” explains Dr. Brenner.
  3. Yes, you can probably still breastfeed. While any breast operation can impact a woman’s ability to breastfeed, implants inserted using an inframammary incision allows the silicone or saline to be placed below the breast gland without disrupting too much breast tissue. Areolar incisions separate a portion of the breast tissue and milk ducts, however, so this has the potential to limit a woman’s milk production.
  4. Mammography is still important. Faux boobs don’t excuse mammograms– only the technique differs.
  5. Not all implants give you cleavage. The style of cleavage you went in with is what you’ll likely come out with, only to a more intense degree. Cleavage is typically determined by where the inner breast starts on the chest wall, which is determined by the width of a patient’s breastbone.
  6. $3,644 is the average cost of breast implant surgery. Now here are the interesting breast implant facts that many people don’t know– the cost of surgery is different from the cost of implants themselves. While the average person pays just north of $3,600 in the USA for their surgery, the cost of the implants ranges from $1,000-1,800. Patients average about $5,500 when all is said and done.
  7. Implants aren’t forever. Most implant manufacturers state that implants typically last for 10-12 years once implanted. Then you might need to a re-do. Lots of people have good results for longer than 12 years, but the risk of leaks or damage climbs with every passing year.
  8. They can break open from impact– like a car accident. “Implants can and do rupture. This can happen from wear and tear over time. This can also happen with from a traumatic injury (i.e. seatbelt injury after a motor vehicle collision). When a saline implant ruptures, the saline leaks into the surrounding breast capsule and is absorbed into the body resulting in a ‘flat tire’ appearance of the affected breast. When a silicone implant ruptures, the visible change or distortion to the breast itself is minimal. In fact, not only may the patients not realize their device is ruptured, but I may not realize it. The newer generation of silicone breast implants have a cohesive gel fill (and even a highly cohesive gel fill), which retains its shape even if the shell ruptures.”
  9. Better boobs are out there. “The IDEAL Implant is the single biggest innovation in breast implant surgery in the last decade. It offers women the opportunity to have an implant with the look and feel of silicone, without the worry of a ‘silent rupture.’ For many, this equates to peace of mind.”
  10. Millennials love breast implants. Doctors report that the most common age range for new breast implant surgeries is 23-33, making at least hundreds of thousands of millennials breast augmentation fans.
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