What the World Would Look Like if Your Boss Were a Cat

business cat
Written by Gary

What if your boss were a cat?

What would life be like if your boss were a cat?

business cat

It doesn’t matter whether you live in New York City or St. Louis, Missouri, chances are you have had a shitty boss. Sometimes when we have shitty bosses, the only thing that can get us through our shitty days is having fantasies about how things could be different.

For instance, imagine if your boss was a cat. Chances are, you would still have to put up some some level of condescension, but how awesome would it be if all you had to do to shut your boss up was grab him or her by the back of the neck?

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Artist Tim Fonder had such thoughts, and created the comic strip ‘Business Cat’ to illustrate what the world would be like if felines ran our workplaces. Hopefully if you are having a crappy day, it’ll make you smile.

business cat business cat business cat business cat

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