Booze Your Way to a Healthy Heart

Written by Ashley

Minding my  own biz on the subway this morning, reading amNY like a good little New Yorker, I stumbled upon the best piece of news a girl could read ( find below)

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Lower risk of CVD, for WOMEN? By Drinking?  Hallelujah, my prayers have been answered… Thanks American Heart Association!

Here’s to not feeling guilty for drinking every night- in moderation of course. Nobody likes the ‘I’m SO drunk’ girl. Not cute. But, do you know what IS cute? The fact that we here at have been preparing for our late afternoon toast to a lesser chance of cardiovascular disease, by chilling a nice cold bottle of Southern Comfort Ready to Serve Sweet Tea Cocktail.  It comes in Hurricane mix too, but Maura is super pumped up about Sweet Tea lately, as she has been missing the authentic taste of Sweet Tea that is so widely guzzled in Alabama, where she goes to school. And Matt is  just rejoicing because this stuff is perfect for summertime cocktail hour and the perfect fix for a host/hostess who doesn’t want to have to worry about mixing drinks!. Let’s face it, there’s no need to waste precious drinking time, making drinks. I’d rather just get straight to the drinking.

We’re all, in general, looking forward to our afternoon break on the roof for cocktail fun-time- with a side of heart healthy confidence.

SCN106472_Dual_RTP_Case_Card copySouthern Comfort Ready-To-Serve Cocktails ( only sized at 1.75 L- as they should be) are only $19.99, Available at most Liquor Stores- and perfect for summer time drinkin’.

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