Bill Clinton Really Loves Balloons

bill clinton balloons
Written by Gary

Proof that Bill Clinton really loves balloons.

If we learned anything from the Democratic National Convention, it’s that Bill Clinton loves balloons.

bill clinton balloons

The DNC was, for me, pretty inspiring. It wasn’t about the politics for me though, because there were giant AF ballons dropping from the sky and Bill Clinton just couldn’t get enough.

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Bill Clinton was absolutely one of the best speakers at the DNC despite the fact that he looked high most of the time (marijuana legalization, much?). I’m not judging. You shouldn’t be either. The highlight for me though was after Hillary accepted the nomination and they dropped the balloons straight from the heavens — the amazed smile that crept across Billypoo’s face was so child-like and full of glee that I defy any Republican to say he doesn’t have hope for America’s future.

Luckily, we are living in the age of the Internet so it was all recorded for the world to see. Honestly, I don’t think I love anything as much as Bill Clinton loves balloons. Is that sad?

bill clinton balloons bill clinton balloons bill clinton balloons bill clinton balloons

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