This Big Bouquet of Flowers is Potentially Bigger Than You

Written by Bryce

Love the idea of a big bouquet of flowers?

This one is ENORMOUS.

Forget imagining a big bouquet of flowers on your desk, because this incredibly enormous bunch is so big you’ll need to place it in a large, galvanized metal bucket for safe-keeping. Seriously, it’s so big it may actually be bigger than your entire body, and that’s something to get excited about, isn’t it? Where was this when we were making our funny Valentine’s Day gifts list?

The big bouquet retails for $499 at BloomThat (now a part of FTD), ships free, and includes a fairly large metal bucket to hold all those gorgeous blooms in — sort of like a floor-ready vase. Each giant bouquet will be slightly different, offering huge romantics (see what we did there?) a gift as unique as their love, but rumor has it flowers like lisianthus, yellow oncidium orchids, ginger flower, carpe diem roses, and French white tulips are among the brand’s short list of top picks.

This big bouquet of flowers is, “The most extra experience of your life,” according to the brand’s website, and it’s made up of over 100 stems, or the equivalent of about ten basic Valentine’s Day bouquets, all rolled up into a human-sized “extra, extra set of stems.”

Think about it — big wedding bouquets are in, so why not just regularly big bouquets too? If you need more ideas, this list of gifts for women in their 20s should do the trick.

We obviously think it’s the ideal gift for Instagrammers, but that’s just us.

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