Beyonce Is Coming Back To HBO

Written by corey

Beyonce is making a return to HBO with X10. 

Remember when Beyonce did her wonderful documentary Life Is But A Dream? Do you remember how truly wonderful it was? Actually, it’s still pretty great. She’s coming back with a new mini-series that will have 10 installments.

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The docu-series will show Beyonce on her most recent world tour, The Mrs. Carter Tour. Over the course of 10 installments, we’ll see all about the highest grossing female tour that took place in 2013 and various cities around the world. The show will air every Sunday at 8:55PM. You’ll also be able to catch tape performance of everything from “Drunk In Love” to “Partition,” so you know it’s going to an amazing series.

Personally, I’m really hoping we’ll get to see a little bit of my favorite royal daughter, Blue Ivy. I would also love to see how real Beyonce keeps it on the road. But, you know Bey always keeps it 100% when the camera is on her.


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