Top Five Beyonce/Solange/Jay-Z Memes on the Internet

In case you have been living in some horrible third-world country without The Internet, or China for that matter, a video recently surfaced of Beyonce, her sister Solange, and husband Jay-Z fighting in a hotel elevator after the MET Gala.

beyonce jay-z solange

Ever since the video dropped, the world wide web has been going crazy in love, making fun of it. Allegedly the video is so great because Beyonce just stands there while Solange goes all “yo mama” on Jay-Z, leading me to the conclusion that Solange is really just one of the original Beyonce robots that wasn’t quite facey or talented enough to herald the oncoming Beyoncepocalypse. Personally, I am just glad one of Solange’s videos is FINALLY doing well. Truth be told, she is super talented too. If only she hadn’t been born in the shadow of Beyonce’s immense horse-hair sew-in. Anyway, here are the top five memes that clogged my Instagram feed up so horribly I had to use liquid plumbr on my iPhone.

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