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These Best Friends Jackets are Everything You Need for Fall

Written by Bryce

Best friends jackets exist and we’re here for ’em.

Remember when everyone had friendship bracelets and those super adorable broken heart friendship necklaces that said things like “BFF?” Good news, Topshop just released best friends jackets for fall, and they’re a mix of motorcycle chic and celebratory, sisterly love fest. This is obviously about a thousand times better than when Topshop released totally weird and useless see through pants.

The jackets, priced at $110 USD each, are made of faux leather, so you’ll feel good about being animal friendly and not having to worry about pizza sauce dripping on the sleeves. Yay for things that wipe down, right? The sleeves, by the way, are adorned with white stars (ugh, so cute), and the jackets come in either “Soul” or “Sisters” varieties, meaning your main task will be deciding which BFF to share the pair with.

Just remember to order one “Soul” jacket and one “Sisters” jacket to complete the pair, otherwise you’ll be hopelessly lost in a sea of friendship and sisterhood. We happen to think the jackets will pair super well with these crazy Miu Miu glitter slides that are currently on sale, or these glittery Minnie Mouse shoes — because, you know, balance in the universe. Oh, and they come in sizes 4-18, so we’ll throw ’em an extra yay for that.

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