Best Cry-Proof Bridal Makeup

Written by Allison

Bridal makeup 101: make it cry-proof

Having just had my own wedding, and having done my wedding makeup myself, I know exactly what it takes to have cry proof bridal makeup. Listen, you don’t sob your way through every potential first dance song without picking up a thing or two for the big day. I was really happy with my bridal makeup (more on that and my wedding hair updo in another post!) but I was particularly thrilled that the eye makeup lasted all day and night.

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These are my top three tips for making sure your eye makeup stays right where you put it.

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Tip #1: Don’t go too heavy

If you want your makeup to last, opt for light layers and don’t go too heavy. The darker and heavier you go, the more you’ll notice it if you cry it all off. I love a good bridal smoky eye, but knowing how much I cry, plus unavoidable face wiping, it just wasn’t going to work for me.

I applied a light eye-look with all the focus on false lashes. This gave the glamour I was looking for, without layers of black or dark brown shadow to sob off throughout the night.

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Tip #2 Waterproof everything

If you can, do it waterproof. Eyeliner, eyeshadow primer, mascara. Waterproof it. Most importantly you’ll want waterproof mascara. If your favorite mascara of all time doesn’t come in waterproof you can still use it!

Products like the new Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Waterproof Mascara Top Coat are used over top your non-waterproof mascara to make it cry proof. When in doubt, coat your lashes, let them dry, and coat them again.

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Tip #3 Avoid the inner corner and lower lash line

Where are tears going to touch? The inner corner and lower lash line. Don’t want rivers of mascara running down your face? Then you should avoid these two areas. You don’t have to use no makeup whatsoever in these areas, just choose colors that you won’t notice if they run.

A pearlized inner corner highlight? Go for it. Any lower lash eyeliner? Nuh uh. So, when I used a bit of eyeshadow on the outer corner of my lower lash line, and it was all cried away during the first dance. If you want your makeup to look pristine, skip the lower lashes.

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