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Which are the Best Caribbean Islands for Luxury Family Holidays?

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With so many beautiful islands in the Caribbean it’s hard to decide the best destination for a family holiday. But don’t fear, choosing which tropical paradise to spend a week in isn’t the most difficult decision you’ll ever have to make. So join me as I guide you through some of the best luxury family holiday destinations in the Caribbean.


Holidays to Jamaica are often characterized by big resorts that are cut off from the true Jamaican experience. To some extent this is true, and if you want a traditional holiday of going from bar to beach to sea and back there are some fantastic luxury resorts here. But there are also areas relatively unspoiled by tourism if you’re after a more authentic experience.

At one end of the spectrum there are places like Whitehouse, a huge resort built to resemble three separate European villages: one Italian, one Dutch and the other French. This is a place where you can enjoy all your home comforts in the middle of a tropical paradise. With its own private stretch of beach, 7 restaurants, spa, 4 swimming pools, and tennis courts (to name a few), there’s a very real danger of not leaving the resort.

Or, to get away from tourism and over-development, try the parish of Portland. Rent a private villa on Goblin Hill and explore some of Jamaica’s fantastic public beaches. Or take a ride down river on a bamboo raft and dip your feet in the cool water running from the Blue Mountains.


Once the hiding place for Admiral Nelson’s fleet in 1784, Antigua’s many natural harbours are now home to a thriving tourist industry – and with good reason. The island boasts a nearly unbroken wall of coral reef which is a vibrant treasure chest for snorkelers and divers alike. Plus the trade winds make for excellent sailing conditions. Antigua is the place to go for an active family holiday.

Discover a century-old shipwreck in Deep Bay, or rent a rustic cottage in Coco Bay. Alternatively, explore the restored Georgian harbour of the aptly named English Harbour Town and catch a glimpse of neighbouring islands Montserrat and Guadeloupe from the old colonial observation post.

Coco Bay, Antigua

Or, to sample a bit of tranquillity and a more relaxed pace of life, it’s a short boat ride to the neighbouring island of Barbuda. There’s an important bird sanctuary here, but its main attraction is its remote and unpopulated stretches of beach.

St Lucia

The small, laid-back island of St Lucia is one of the windward islands of the eastern Caribbean. It offers a multitude of luxury resorts set among unspoilt landscapes with miles of clean, sandy coastline stretching away from the picturesque twin volcanic peaks.

The sulphur springs in Soufrière are a popular family attraction worth visiting. Said to be the world’s only drive-in volcano, a road runs along the edge of a giant crater in which multi-coloured mineral deposits shimmer beneath rising vents of steam. You can watch this natural display for hours and bathe in the hot springs, too.

Elsewhere around the island you can find other fun family activities and tours like ziplining, snorkelling or hiking.


Barbados is the Caribbean’s ultimate luxury holiday island, with the infamous Platinum Coast playing host to all sorts of holidaying stars and pop idols. But it’s not all about the glamorous west coast – the south has seen some development in recent years and is a lively alternative.

The island is cricket-obsessed and steeped in colonial history. St Nicholas Abbey is a well-preserved example of a Jacobean sugar cane plantation. You could give the kids a history lesson, or just use it as an excuse to sample some sweet Barbadian rum from the abbey’s distillery.

For a break from the luxury of the west coast, the east of Barbados is a relatively unspoiled paradise, with small bays to explore and good conditions for surfing. Barbados is about the size of the Isle of Wight, so wherever you stay all the island’s offerings are only a short journey away.

Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive beachside hotel or a secluded villa in a rural paradise, holidays to the Caribbean are some of the best in the world. For many of the islands tourism is a major industry, so you’re bound to be greeted by a host with experience. Let them take you along for the ride or escape the tourist trap by finding your own path – it’s up to you.

This post was sponsored, but the destinations mentioned truly couldn’t be more fabulous.

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