Get Paid to Drink Beer All Over the World

beer world internship
Written by Gary

A beer internship.

Yes, you can get paid to drink beer, because there’s an internship willing to pay you $12,000 to travel the world drinking and acting like a frat bro. 

What a time to be alive!

beer world internship

I had an internship when I was in college, and I can tell you that it was nothing like this. World of Beer, a chain of craft beer taverns located in Florida, is looking for three interns to spend four months this summer visiting breweries across the country (and world!), tasting beers, attending beer festivals, and posting about it on social media. This is basically all your dreams combined, because you know all good beers lead to all good experiences. The company will pay you $12,000 for your work and cover all your travel expenses including food and lodging. It’s basically a social media internship that revolves around beer.

And you know what all this really amounts to? Every single birthday candle wish you made since middle school is finally paying off. You’re living at the apex of your life right now, glancing directly into the glare of your dreams, just waiting for all the big stuff to happen. This, my friends, is the big stuff. This is the future we were promised. F hoverboards.

To apply, visit the World of Beer website HERE before the March 26th deadline.

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Say what you will about your own college internship, but if I had been paid $12,000 with free food, lodging, and travel to boot, I probably would’ve actually ended up using my degree.


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