Can You Survive on 40 Days of Beer for Lent?

beer diet for lent
Written by Gary

As everyone who has ever gone to college knows, alcohol is a great substitute for food. I have never personally tried to subsist on liquor alone, but I will say that every poolside vacation I have ever taken has consisted of a lot of drinking, and a lot of photos where I look super thin. That is all.

beer diet for lent

Chris Schryer must share this sentiment, because he has decided to give up food for Lent, and live only on beer. Schryer even went so far as to get his beer blessed by the Reverend Lucy Reid, of Toronto’s Church of St. Aidan.

Since March 5th, Schryer has had a strong beer for breakfast, another for lunch, and a big bottle (650 ml) for dinsies. He also drinks watered-down juice and clear liquids to make sure he doesn’t shrivel up and die.

If you ask me, what he is doing is heroic. Alcohol gives us so much, from great memories with our friends, to courage, and prom-night dumpster babies; it stands to reason that we should be use it to survive.

beer diet for lent

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