A Bedroom Water Slide: your dreams have come true

Written by Bryce

Bedroom water slide action: now possible.

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted was a water slide in your bedroom? Maybe that was just me, but whatever, it’s possible and your life is about to get better just for knowing this exists in the realm of reality.

This is a seemingly normal bedroom with a secret slide in the closet (I mean, who doesn’t have something secret in their closet?). The slide effortlessly transports the sleepyhead in question to an indoor wading pool, which totally counts as any of the following: water aerobics, pre-shower invigoration, mikveh, and/or a reminder that your life is a gravity-free entity.

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I wish I knew how to get in touch with those kids who turned their living room into an indoor pool (yes, that was a real thing and we can thank Eastern Europe). I believe this is what they were really looking for in life, and I’m betting their work ethic pays off eventually in the form of funds to build this magical water slide situation.

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