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Beauty Spotting: Gorilla for LUSH

Written by Steph

Vegan fragrances from the masterminds at LUSH.

LUSH has long been a favorite here at The Luxury Spot, and their partnership with father-son perfumers Mark and Simon Constantine hits all the right (top) notes.

The collection boasts a ton of musky, bold scents that aren’t for the frilly girly-girl in us — the absence of sickeningly-sweet scents is notable and commendable. What to try:

1000 Kisses is light on the citrus, heavy on the resin, and generous with the apricot top notes. Mark created the scent to show his wife his undying love (because he’s bad with words — awww)

Splash on some Cocktail after a long day of work and before hitting up Happy Hour — the medley of florals is tastier than any drink you’ll be able to order.

Love is for the flirt in you – it’s light mix of cinnamon and apple makes it the perfect scent to have a fall romance with.

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