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Written by Lana

Obviously, you can see a trend with our posts for this month.

Here at TheLuxurySpot we really like to support a good cause, which is why we will be featuring all month long great products that give back and help support breast cancer awareness. Last week I did some coverage on clothing, and this week I am on to a girls best friend, beauty products!

Philosophy’s “Shower for The Cure” wash.

Not only does Philosophy make body wash that smells like chocolate chip cookies (I know- and boy does it smell good) but they also came up with “Shower for the Cure”, which is a floral scented wash. Best part about it? not only can it be used as a shower gel, but also bubble bath, AND hair wash! Each bottle comes with an inspirational quote on it in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, so every time you go to pick it up in the shower you can be reminded of how you are helping other women fight breast cancer. 100% of Philosophy’s net proceeds goes to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund.


Limited Edition BC Darphin Arovita C Energic Firming Cream

Rich in vitamins C & E, this facial cream helps to restore skin back to its natural firm state. Arovita C Energetic Firming Cream also provides moisture to the skin, while safeguarding it against environmental stressors.Key Ingredients Include: Artemia salina, Carrot Protein, Noni Extract, Vitamins C and E. Retail Value: $80.00


$20.00 of this sale makes it way to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

And if you are looking for a little bit of variety in your shopping routine, make sure you check out , they have over 30 brands to choose from that support Cancer and Careers.

And this I came across and just had to share:


What a perfect gift for someone special who is a survivor of cancer. A feminine necklace that puts out a very strong and hopeful message. This beautiful necklace is only $25.00, and is made by Lora Elizabeth Hand Stamped Jewelery, and can be found by clicking here.

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