Beauty News Du Jour

Written by Bryce

Another round of exciting beauty news! Between new lipsticks, bee venom, and fabulous curls you’ll be set for the week.

1. The Most Luxurious Lipstick We’ve Tried Yet. Guerlain’s lipstick is the lipstick to put all others to shame. A small, gentle swipe across lips delivers ultra-potent pigment that lasts for hours and hours. Well worth the $49.50 pricetag, and the packaging will make you feel like a space age beauty princess. New fall colors arriving at Neiman Marcus and Sephora any day now.

2. Bee Venom, The New “It” Ingredient. Move over, blueberries and snail excrement. Bee venom is the new it ingredient, said to give a temporary Botox-like freeze to the skin it touches. Well, we tried it. It definitely leaves skin firmer for the few hours after applying the serum and day cream cocktail. If you’re not religious about your skincare, Botox still might be the way to go, but this is an interesting way to peel back the layers of time (temporarily). Manuka Doctor serum and creams, available here.

3. Easy Curls, Really. Sally Beauty just debuted a new magical curl making solution for girls who just can’t operate a wand (so many curling iron mishaps out there, why risk it?).¬† Insert a small chunk of hair, and voila!, the air-suction curl machine does the rest. And it’s exclusive to Sally Beauty, so you’ll have to pick one up while refreshing your nail glitter stash. About $100, here.

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