Beautiful Italian Words With No Translation

italian word translations
Written by Gary

These beautiful Italian words and phrases have no translation in English.

italian word translations

As someone who basically drools over anyone with a foreign accent, I am no stranger to language barriers. More than once, I have gotten confused about what someone was saying and ended up in a cab going home with them, only to realize they were actually asking me for directions to a straight bar. The beautiful thing about living in a world with so many different languages is the diversity. The sad thing is that more often than not, some things just don’t translate. You know what I’m talking about– I’m sure of it. It’s that word like ‘snuggly’ in the American vernacular (unfortunately most Brits don’t know the pleasure of using ‘snuggly’ to describe their Sunday feels) that somehow never has an equal or perfect translation in Mandarin, French, or any other must-appreciate tongue.

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Italy is a beautiful place, with beautiful men, and an even more beautiful language. Here are a few beautiful Italian words that are really fun to say, but sadly, don’t exist in English, courtesy of Huffington Post.

italian word translations italian word translations italian word translations italian word translations italian word translations

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