Treat Your Dog to a Bark Box

bark box
Written by Gary

Man’s best friend finally has a monthly subscription service called ‘bark box.’

bark box

Doesn’t it kind of seem like everything has a monthly subscription service? BirchBox sends men monthly care packages to suit all their grooming needs, RocksBox sends women jewelry monthly (which should be synced to their cycles, if they are especially enterprising), and now BarkBox sends out toys, treats, and health products to keep our dogs as happy and healthy as possible.

First, you select the size of your dog, then choose a monthly plan (up to 12 months), then they ship your pup a care package around the 15th full of canine goodies.

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One of the more annoying things about being a pet owner is going out and buying things to occupy them, like pet toys, chewie balls that blink and squeak, and those damn dental health biscuits that our dogs so sorely need. Bark Box takes away that stress at least, but I’m still waiting for the invention that does away with having to pick up dog shit off the sidewalk with a plastic bag.

bark box

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