Avril Lavigne + 17-Carat Anniversary Gift = True Love

Written by EmilyLallouz

Avril Lavigne and I both just celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversaries, but our husbands differ SLIGHTLY on what “true love” really means. If you didn’t know, the girl who has one of the BIGGEST MOST GIANT HUGE BIGGEST diamond rocks on her finger is none other than the “Sk8ter Boi” singer herself. Just ONE short year ago, her now husband, Chad Kroeger, proposed to the 29-year-old singer with a 14-Carat ring. She also is the proud owner of a 20-Carat wedding ring. You know, for casual brunching and galas and Sk8tering. When you’re married to the lead singer of the greatest rock band of all time (from Canada), you’re going to get the goods.

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My husband and I decided I couldn’t even be trusted with an engagement ring because I’d probably lose it. Meanwhile, Avril now has 3 rings all over 10-Carats which begs the all important question: are there still people paying to see Nickelback?!?! I mean it seriously, ARE THERE STILL PEOPLE GIVING NICKELBACK MONEY??? If you are, here it all is. They celebrated their 1-year anniversary with a GIANT GIANT GIANT GIANT (giant) 17-Carat emerald cut diamond and she took it to Twitter to show it off.


via Avril Lavigne’s Twitter

Avril posted on via Twitter, sharing her private moment and not even in a sort of showing off way to her modest 16.3M followers. Her ring is wider than her finger which is the new judge to how all rings will be classified. She posts “I still can’t believe my 1 year anniversary gift. 17 carat emerald cut. “Wow. I love my hubby!” and it’s all like, well yeah, you better.

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