Artwork made of Kisses

kiss portraits
Written by Gary

Portraits made of kisses.

A Canadian artist creates masterpieces with her lips.

kiss portraits

When you think of a makeup artist, you generally think of someone who makes a living putting makeup on other people’s faces. Alexis Fraser (a.k.a Lipstick Lex) is a Toronto-based artist who creates gorgeous portraits of famous icons by actually kissing the canvas.

Called ‘kiss print pointillism’, Fraser creates her art by applying lipstick, and then repeatedly kissing until she can’t kiss anymore. Some of the finer details are applied by hand (also with lipstick), but the majority of her work is created with her lips, which is something I don’t think anyone has heard of before.

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Fraser obviously goes through a lot of lipstick (her local Walgreens must love her!), as small images can take a few hours to finish, but larger scale canvases can take up to a week.

I am all for artists finding new ways to express themselves, but I can’t imagine creating art with my lips, especially since that is one body part I tend to have trouble controlling.

Still, if you’re looking for a gift for someone you love, I can’t think of a better option than a work of art covered in kisses.

kiss portraits kiss portraits kiss portraits kiss portraits kiss portraits

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