Art Spotting: The Unknown Hipster Diaries

Written by Casey

Jean-Philippe Delhomme’s The Unknown Hipster Diaries

Granted, I have no idea what this book is about, but I love the cover. Very Parisian, nothing like what an actual hipster would read.

Here’s a little blurb the hipster author (Jean-Philippe Delhomme) wrote about himself, “Born French, Unknown Hipster early moved to New York to become a painter, a poet, or whichever position was available on the Art scene. Once a lead tambourin for « Uneven dusk », it’s unclear what became his main occupation after the band quickly broke-up. All can be said is that Unknown frequently appears at Fashionable and Cultural events without being necessarily on the list.”

As Marion Cotillard said in Midnight in Paris, “I love it, I’m already hooked!”

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