Art Spotting: Rastafari Portraits

Written by Casey

Beautiful Rastafarian Paintings straight from New York City.

Rani Carson brings us beautiful paintings of glimpses into the lives of every day Jamaicans in her newest exhibition. Carson studied with New York painter Herman Rose, graduated from Barnard and Brookyin Colleges, and lived in Paris and studied paintings in museums throughout Europe. She has exhibited her works in numerous selected one-person and group exhibitions both in the United States and in Jamaica. She is a Professor of Art at Suffolk Community College in Brentwood, N.Y., Director of the Art Gallery there, and has also taught at the Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts in Kingston, Jamaica.

Her paintings are full of life, expression, and culture. With exquisite colors she creates from scratch, it as if each picture tells it’s own story and includes its own pallet of vision and history. From protraits, to lanscapes, and to even more impressive captivating scenes of movement, work, play, love, and life.

To see more of her work and find out more about the artists visit her site here.

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