Art Spotting: Courtney Love and She’s Not Even Pretty

Written by Casey

And She’s Not Even Pretty

I can’t believe I forgot about this, but a few weeks ago I went to Courtney Love‘s art gallery opening in Chelsea. The show was at Fred Torres’ lovely gallery and the crowd was full of exotic provocative dressers. From the classic rockstar in black leather, to a woman wearing a bird on her head, the Brooklyn up-scale hipster, and of course Courtney Love.

Fred Torres Collaborations is proud to announce the first ever fine art exhibition of works on paper by artist Courtney Love. In addition to her paintings Courtney included her wedding dress which sewn in red silk read’s “Not my c**t on my dime mister” as well the broken glass slipper she wore to her wedding with Kurt Cobain.

Many of her pieces depict different nude women, juxtaposed with lyrics from classic rock songs, her own quotes or provocative phrases and questions such as, “How you must have suffered getting accustomed to ME.” The title? “Keep It Up, Mother Fuckers.” Another, more sobering one, titled “Fuck It All,” depicts a blonde, nude woman holding a knife, one arm cut and bleeding, with the words “The glamorous world of…” arcing over her head. And then there’s the heavily scribbled sullen, makeup-smeared girl crying under the words “Please come home” and the phrase “This is a fantasy,” which she then crosses out.

But, it’s this flowing stream of consciousness that makes it all good pop art. The fact that Love spent two years at the San Francisco Art Institute in the ‘80s and said she learned nothing from the experience underscores this. As a songwriter, she has always opened her own wounds for the world to hear. And now we can literally see what’s on her mind, whether we like it or not.

Sorry but, images via my iPhone.

Her pictures will be up until June 15 so if you find yourself on the West side of Chelsea with nothing to do check it out
Fred Torres Collaborations
527 West 29th St. (btwn. 10th & 11th Aves.)
New York, NY 10001

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