Are you Offended by American Themed Parties?

I just found out today that people in other countries have American themed parties and I am not sure whether or not I should be offended. I am no expert on current events, but I am pretty sure this is the reason there is tension between the US and Russia.

american parties

American themed parties are where foreigners dress up like Americans by wearing sports jerseys, drink like Americans, out of red solo cups (ah, college), and eat copious amounts of popcorn and marshmallows. I will have to blame the media for this interpretation of the United States, because obviously we never eat popcorn and marshmallows together.

These parties perpetuate the myth that the United States is basically nothing but white trash. Since I identify heavily as white trash, I have no problem with this. I would like to return the favor however, by having a French party where everyone chain-smokes, judges each other, and caresses each other’s armpit hair, a Russian party where everyone drinks vodka, hunts wolves, and beats gay people to death, and a Czech republic party where everyone complains about how hard life is and gives out blow jobs for quarters.

God bless this amazing melting pot.

american parties

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