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Ever needed someone to back up your lie? Now you can hire a liar (seriously, way cheaper than a lawyer).

Remember when Spoofcard’s were all the rage? Lindsay Lohan crying foul, that she had been spoofed and hacked years ago by Paris Hilton. Oh, those were the techno-novice days! Spoofcard is a phone card and pin that could alter your voice and caller ID.

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A new batch of websites, are taking the lying and identity theft game to a whole new forum for fibbing.

Whether it’s a fake job reference, a white lie to get out of work, or even after a night of too much “fun,” websites like Paladin Deception and Career Excuse are popping up all over the web to help your every lying woe. Heck, you can even create a fake death.

The “professional reference provider” will provide a phony phone number. When I inquired further, they promised that, “all calls are answered by a VM greeting system with extension numbers to your supervisor, HR, or customer service operators”.

About the companies

Paladin Deception Services

Founded by: Tim Green

Tim is a licensed and experienced private investigator.  As a detective, Tim honed his skills in covert surveillance and subtle deceptions (impersonations and pretexts) to expose the arts of deception. Tim told me, he is still very active with the highly trained team at Paladin Deception Services. His company is currently offering consultations, advice, and the organization of data for their clients.  Ironically as it may sound, he says he is an honest and ethical stalwart in the business of deceit and disinformation.


Founded by: William Schmidt

William founded the company, after experiencing mass layoffs with many of his co-workers and friends, and helping several with personal job references using his human resource background. After doing this, he discovered that such services could be profitable and marketable. When I spoke with Tim he told me, “While we were all unemployed, a couple of my former coworkers asked me to act as their reference for job interviews,” he said. “I did it for free for my friends, but then I realized that this is some there’s a pretty big demand for. It was something I could take to the public.”

Schmidt acknowledges that the service he provides others may pose a moral dilemma, but told me that’s not his problem.

“Yes, there’s a moral issue in fibbing on your résumé to land a job, but that’s for people to deal with themselves,” he said. “In today’s environment with rampant unemployment, everyone’s looking for an edge. Our service just gets them the interview.”

Here is an example of a fake website created by Career Excuse:


What are the rates and what do the packages cover?

Career Excuse Packages: For $50 dollars a month

Each package includes:

1. Virtual Company Website with email addresses on domain name

2. Local Phone Number

3. Toll Free Fax Number

4. Live HR Operator

5. Live Operator acting as supervisor’s secretary using your script


Paladin Deception Packages: For $59 dollars a month

Each package includes:

1.  One fictitious reference, white lie or alibi

2.  One dedicated phone number in the city of your choice

3.  One dedicated email address for the fictitious person created

4.  A male or female verifier

5.  Unlimited use a case operation for each month of service

6. Additional fictitious testimonials can be added for $24.00 each


How do these services work?

Step 1:  Call for a free consultation

Step 2:  These services will then email you the client data that you need to complete so they are able to tailor a package just for you.  In addition, they will also send you a TERMS AGREEMENT document that you will need to sign and send back to them via email

Step 3:  The service will contact you again to confirm the data they have acquired and to fill in any gaps that could lead to any detection of your fictitious reference, white lie or alibi.

Step 4:  They will set up your package and notify you when everything is in order, which usually takes 2-3 days.  Expedited service will cost an additional $9.95.

Step 5: As a customer, you will then have the assurance that that both Paladin and Career Excuse will take unlimited calls on a dedicated phone number in the city of your choice.  The phone number will also include a dedicated voice mailbox. These services will update you with every call they receive and transcribe to you the details.

Service Limits:

They will not provide lies for criminal conduct.

They will not provide fake references to law enforcement agencies.

They will not supply references for educational purposes (grades K-12).

They will not provide a fake reference in the legal field.

They will not provide a fake reference in the medical field.

They will not provide a fake reference for work in the jail system.

They will not provide a fake reference for work in the fire department.

They will not provide a fake reference for a city, county, federal or government agency job.

The Sting Operation:

Many people call these services looking for an alibi while cheating on a spouse.  On a recent episode of INSIDE EDITION, Lisa Guerrero asked Green, of Paladin Deception, “Some of these clients are cheating on their spouse and they need your reference to give them an alibi, correct?”

“Yes, that is correct,” answered Green.

Would Green’s company give a reference for a sex offender to work with children?

An INSIDE EDITION producer called and left the company a message saying he needed a bogus reference for tutoring children.  Green called back and sent their producer a form to fill out.  But instead of using the producer’s name, they wrote down the name of an actual sex offender with his address, date of birth, and physical description. Information that Green could have easily checked out and verified. Then, Lisa Guerrero gave Paladin Deception a call, posing as the owner of a company that tutors children. She asked for a reference for the “sex offender” and shockingly was offered an outstanding recommendation.  “So, you say he was great with kids and enthusiastic of working with children and the children liked him,” Lisa Guerrero reiterated on the phone. Four days later, Guerrero met with Green and told him about our own deception.   Lisa Guerrero told Green, “We gave you the information of a registered sex offender and you gave that sex offender a glowing recommendation to work with kids. How do you explain that?”

“I’m not aware of the case,” replied Green.

“Tim, you have kids, “Guerrero responded.  “How furious would you be someone provided a reference for one of your kids to be tutored by a sex offender?”
 Continuing, ”I’m asking you a simple question, you are providing a service that could put a dangerous person in connection with children,” said Guerrero. “Do you do background checks on your clients?”

In my interview with Green he was honest, yet complacent. Green has no intention to stop and tells us business is booming. 
“We help clients every day and I’m fine with that, Green stated.  “You can ridicule us, you can condemn us, you can judge us. I’m certainly ok with that.”

These websites can take a dark turn, they could make the simplest white lie into the worst offenses. They provide you with coverage and lack of culpability. However, sites like these are popping up all over and fooling the masses. Have you been fooled lately? Think about it- carefully now.

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