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Albuquerque Rail Yards Are a Must-See

Written by Bryce

The Albuquerque Rail Yards are the perfect solution for the off-the-beaten-path hungry traveler armed with nothing more than a backpack and a camera (even an iPhone will do, as these photos prove). If you’ve never been to Albuquerque, it’s a melting pot of the real West, Hispanic culture, Native American influence, pink mountains, sunsets, and green chili (and the hotels are fairly inexpensive, making it an ideal place for an adventurous traveler on a budget).

The ABQ Rail Yards are a nod to times past, the late 19th century more specifically, and take up over 27 acres in the old Barelas neighborhood. They were built in the 1880’s by the Atlantic and Pacific railroad to repair and maintain trains, and by 1915 about 25% of the city’s workforce was employed in or around this once-bustling locomotive point. They’re empty now, and visually have the energy of parts of Portland, Bushwick, and even Camden.

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Photo credit: Chad Gruber

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