Aeromobil Flying Car is Now Production Ready

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Slovakia’s Aeromobil plans to unveil a production-ready version of its ‘Flying Roadster’ at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria on October 29.

If you’ve always wanted to be a Jetson but just can’t seem to find your Rosie, don’t worry– you can nail the flying car part soon enough. Because taking a helicopter to the Hamptons is so 2014, and you’re already on 2015 like a true trendsetter.

“The Aeromobil 2.5 prototype made its first flight about one year ago. 

That prototype consisted of a steel chassis and carbon fiber body, weighing about 992 pounds empty. Power came from a Rotax 912 aircraft engine like the one used in the other modern flying car of note, America’s Terrafugia Transition. Aeromobil hasn’t discussed any changes made for the production version.

The Aeromobil transforms from plane to car by folding its wings behind the cockpit. They fit alongside a boom that houses a shaft for the rear-mounted propeller, and serves as the mounting point for the flying car’s tail.

Despite all of the extra bodywork, the Aeromobil will supposedly fit in a standard parking space, and run on pump gas. However, given that the Transition’s Rotax 912 engine runs on 91 octane, Aeromobil owners may have to splurge for premium as well.”

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