How to Add More Volume in Hair Without Teasing

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How to add more volume in hair — without teasing at all!

If you, like me, want luxurious, voluminous hair but just can’t bother to spend the time to tease , I’m going to save you a lot of time. Teasing is also damaging and leads to broken, crunchy hair. I understand, cognitively, that teasing isn’t that time consuming, and really not the worst thing you can do to your hair (file under: bleaching). But, I still just can’t bear it. I spent a lot of trial and error time figuring out how to add more volume in hair without breaking out the teasing comb.

how to add more volume in hair

My hair is naturally quite heavy and straight so volume is not something that comes naturally. These are the quickest and easiest ways of getting that oomph in there.

How to add more volume in hair

how to add more volume in hair

Drying your hair combed backwards is helpful (and may increase scalp circulation). A braid is even more helpful. This gets your roots all going backwards so when you let your hair down, the roots have to lay the opposite direction. This causes the root to lift a bit more than usual. I usually let my hair dry 95% of the way before braiding to avoid the ’90s braid waves.

how to add more volume in hair

Dry shampoo. Love it or hate it, the stuff really works to add more volume in hair.

how to add more volume in hair

I massage in a little bit of Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo and bam! Instant root lift. Make sure you go for the full head massage to really work in the dry shampoo and get a little relax time while you’re at it.

how to add more volume in hair

Rethink your other products. Nothing weighs down hair more than heavy leave-ins. If you use any heavy cream based products post-shower give them a skip. I usually use a creamy heat protectant, but when I want more volume in my roots I go for something lighter, just on the ends, like the CHI Ironguard.

how to add more volume in hair

The last product tip is to go for the old upside down hairspray trick. This is exactly what it sounds like.

how to add more volume in hair

Flip your head upside down and give it a quick, fine mist with some hairspray. Don’t apply very much to avoid an 80s hair moment (to match your 80s blush moment, obvi). Flip right side up and enjoy your big hair.

how to add more volume in hair

This last tip is another simple one. Just do a deep part. The deeper the part the more hair flips over giving you the voluminous look (ideal for perfect honeymoon hair, too).

how to add more volume in hair

And if all else fails, give a little oomph with a casual hair toss in photos.

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