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9 Remedies for Swollen Feet

Written by andy
Looking for quick, easy remedies for swollen feet? You’re not alone.

Edema is a common side effect of pregnancy, but thankfully not a painful one. People with high blood pressure often end up with swollen feet and ankles. Basically, it’s the result of inadequate blood flow. Your body is unable to push the blood and fluids back up your legs, so the excess fluids cause swelling in your feet and ankles. If you want to bring down the swelling, here are a few simple remedies for swollen feet:

  • Do Yoga – Yoga is more than just a great workout! It can help to stimulate circulation and improve your blood flow. You’ll find that a good Yoga workout can help to reduce the swelling in your feet surprisingly effectively. Just start out with a milder form of Yoga. Whatever circulatory problem is causing the swelling is going to cause other cardiovascular problems if you push your body too hard.
  • Give your feet a massage – Massage can be a good way to stimulate blood flow, which will in turn reduce the swelling in your feet. A gentle foot massage can help to stop your ankles and feet from feeling thick and puffy.
  • Take a magnesium supplement – Magnesium is a vital mineral that plays a role in reducing the swelling in your feet and ankles. You can start taking about 200 mg of magnesium per day, but increase that amount to 400 mg per day if your doctor permits it.
  • Try grapefruit oil – Grapefruit essential oil is a useful way to reduce the swelling in your feet. Run yourself a warm bath and add a few drops of this oil into the tub. You can also add some into a bucket of warm water and soak your feet for 15-25 minutes. Or, you can simply rub the oil onto your feet (diluted with olive or almond oil), using an upward pulling motion to draw the blood from your feet.

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  • Give yourself a foot bath – Taking the time to soak your feet can be a wonderful way to relax. However, instead of a warm water foot bath, try using room temperature or cold tonic water. The quinine and carbonation in the tonic water can reduce the swelling in your feet and ankles and bring you wonderful relief. Your feet will feel amazing after a nice soak.
  • Soak in salt water – Epsom salts are made of magnesium, which will help to reduce the swelling in your feet and ankles. Run yourself a foot bath and add in a spritz of Epsom salts. Doing this a few times over the course of days will do wonders for your feet.
  • Try compression gear – To improve circulation, try compression clothing like support hose. These garments will prevent the swelling in your feet and ankles, and will encourage healthy blood flow throughout your lower body. Just remember: they feel great for a few hours, but they can get uncomfortable.
  • Drink more water – Water can help to reduce swelling, as it improves circulation and encourages the elimination of excess fluid from your body. Adding a few more glasses of water to your day is a great way to deal with swollen feet.
  • Put your feet up – This is definitely one of the best remedies for swollen feet! Lifting your feet above heart level causes gravity to pull the blood downward, back toward your heart. Keep your feet up for a few hours, and you should notice a lot of the swelling going down. Just don’t keep them up too long or they’ll fall asleep!

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