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8 Evening Primrose Oil Uses for Women’s Health

Written by andy
Eight evening primrose oil uses every woman should know about.

Since the movie “The Hunger Games”, the name “primrose” has become much more popular. Did you know that it actually comes from a flower? The evening primrose is a cute little wildflower native to North America. It has been used in Native American remedies for centuries, and European settlers began to use it in the early days of colonizing the United States. The oil produced from the seeds of the evening primrose flower offer some pretty amazing health benefits. Here are a few of the evening primrose oil uses for women’s health:

  • Provide Omega-3 fatty acids – Omega-3s are fatty acids that play many important roles in your health. For starters, they’re needed for a healthy brain. Your brain is made up of predominantly fat, and the Omega-3s help to improve communication in your brain. The fatty acids also strengthen your heart, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce inflammation in your joints, and boost your immune health. They play a role in healthy growth and development. Basically, they’re a vital fatty acid that keeps you in tip top shape, making supplementation one of the most popular evening primrose oil uses.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Inflammation has been linked to a wide range of diseases: everything from cancer to diabetes to AIDS. Reducing inflammation helps to prevent these diseases, and restores your body to normal, healthy function.
  • Balance hormones – The Omega-3 fatty acids in evening primrose oil will help to balance out the Omega-6 fats. Both of these fats play a role in the production of hormones, but too much Omega-6 can be a problem. Too much of one fatty acid can lead to the overproduction of certain hormones.
  • Reduce PMS discomfort – Did you know that one of the best evening primrose oil uses is to treat PMS discomfort? Taking this oil can help to reduce water retention, bloating, depression, acne, foggy thinking, headaches, and irritability—all side effects of PMS. Thanks to the high natural fat content of the oil, you can get your PMS symptoms under control.

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  • Improve fertility – The fatty acids in primrose oil are said help to increase the production of cervical mucus, which is vital for a healthy pregnancy. This is also one of the most common evening primrose oil uses. Cervical fluid helps the sperm to swim toward the egg, increasing the chance of conception. Women with less-than-normal cervical mucus often have difficulty conceiving. But with primrose oil, you can promote a sperm-friendly environment that will encourage conception.
  • Healthy uterus – The fatty acids in the oil will strengthen the walls of your uterine cells. The fatty acids promote healthy contraction and relaxation of the uterine muscles. This tones the muscles in anticipation of the delivery, making the childbirth easier.
  • Healthy cellular growth – Evening primrose oil contains Omega-6 fatty acids, which stimulate the production of prostaglandin E. Prostaglandins manage the growth of cells and regulate hormones. Applying the oil directly to the cervix in anticipation of birth can encourage cervical ripening.
  • Acne – If you’re dealing with hormonal acne, try evening primrose oil. It doesn’t just deal with the bacteria causing the acne breakouts, but it actually manages the hormones that are causing the problem. The fatty acids in the primrose oil regulate hormone levels, balancing them and preventing them from producing excessive skin oils. The fatty acids also help to keep the cells of your skin healthy. You’ll find that the Omega-3s in the evening primrose oil will help maintain the elasticity and freshness of your skin. You’ll suffer less skin damage as a result of your acne. It won’t just clear up the problem—it can help to PREVENT it!

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