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6 Health Benefits of Gotu Kola

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An amazing plant with many health benefits indeed!

There are many amazing home remedies that you have never heard of, but they still work wonders once you try them. Gotu kola is one such remedy, and one that is definitely worth considering if you are suffering from skin infections and other maladies.

Gotu kola is a plant that grows in China, Indonesia, India, and Southeast Asia, and it is has been used in ancient Chinese treatments and Ayurvedic healing for centuries. A legend even told of a Chinese herbalist who took gotu kola and lived for 200 years!

Here are some of the amazing health benefits of gotu kola:

  1. Boosts Circulation — Gotu kola is believed to be effective at not only reducing swelling in the blood vessels, but also keeping the arterial walls more elastic. This can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, as the arteries are more likely to crack (leading to blood clots) when they are stiff and inflexible. It is particularly effective for those suffering from varicose veins, and it can help to reduce leakage and improve the symptoms of venous insufficiency.
  2. Reduce Anxiety –– A surprising number of people suffer from anxiety and anxiety disorders in this day and age, but gotu kola may be an effective remedy to treat the problem. The herb contains chemicals called triterpenoids that were proven to reduce anxiety in the mice upon which it was tested. It also helped to improve mental function and reduced the risk of being startled by loud noises.
  3. Aid in Sleep –– Did you know that gotu kola has been proven effective as a sleep aid in animal tests? While it has not yet been properly tested on human subjects, it proved a useful treatment for insomnia when given to animals. If you are looking for a new remedy to help you sleep better at night, it may be worth trying gotu kola.

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  1. Promote Healing –– When your skin is damaged, a lot of proteins and nutrients are used to make the repairs. Thanks to the triterpenoids in gotu kola, you can speed up the healing process effectively. Not only will the gotu kola help to boost the presence of antioxidants in the wounds, but it can help to strengthen your skin and increase the flow of blood to the damaged area. More blood flow means more nutrients and faster repairs!
  2. Fight Scleroderma –– Scleroderma is a chronic systemic autoimmune disorder in which the dermis (skin) hardens. This can lead to reduce movement and flexibility, as the connective tissue beneath the skin also hardens. But thanks to gotu kola, you can reduce the symptoms of scleroderma. In one study, 13 women took gotu kola and found that it helped to decrease the rate of their skin becoming hard, reduced the amount of pain in their joints, and even helped to boost movement in their fingers.
  3. Reduce Scarring — When you apply gotu kola directly to your skin, it can help to reduce the risk of scarring (after a wound, surgery, or injury) and can reduce the visibility of burns. It has been proven effective for treating third degree burns, particularly when it was applied immediately following the accident. The gotu kola can stop the skin from hardening into stiff scar tissue, and it can prevent the shrinking of the skin that is so common with serious injuries. Thanks to the saponins in gotu kola, you can inhibit the production of stiff, inflexible scar tissue.

Definitely a few good reasons to add gotu kola to your life.

Traditionally, the health benefits of gotu kola have been absorbed primarily through tea, tinctures, or special capsules from expert Eastern medicine herbalists. More recently, however, commercialized over the counter forms of gotu kola have become available, even in the word of beauty.

Brands like Organic Pharmacy are using gotu kola in broader recipes for overall skin and beauty health. Check out the video below:


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