5 Reasons You Should Never Share Hair Tools

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It’s apparent that everything we really needed to know about life we learned in kindergarten.

Remember when our mothers told us to never wear the coats or hats of friends because if they had head lice, we’d get head lice? And of course we didn’t listen, because our best friend Heather had a really cool pink sparkly one. And of course other mothers were right.

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Turns out there’s adults who learned nothing from kindergarden and think it’s acceptable to share hair tools! This is just plain nasty, non-hygienic, and asking for fun problems like:

1. Head lice

Whether you are sharing a personal hair brush — just don’t — or a hair tool like a flat iron or curling iron that ultimately has to touch your hair, this is as bad an idea as sharing a tooth brush. Lice are transferred hair to hair and once you get them, they are nearly as hard as bed bugs to get rid of. So, enjoy.

2. Staph Infections

There’s something called MRSA that you need to know about. It can live IN HAIR TOOLS, and be transferred from person to person. We’re talking serious skin and even respiratory issues. Gross.

3. Scabies

These are bugs. More bugs. They like to make babies inside your skin. And while they are getting busy, you get rashes. No amount of bouncy curl is going to cover them up, either.

4. Bacteria

Like VRE, and it can live in your hair brush. Or flat iron.


Ringworm  is gross — we all know this. It can be transferred via hair tools, and can strongly affect the scalp. If you share a flat iron with someone who has it, you can get it, too. You will get a rash, scaly skin, perhaps get temporary baldness…

And bald people don’t need hair tools!

If you insist on sharing hair brushes, flat irons, curling irons or anything of the sort — make like a hair salon and sterilize first. Otherwise, just…gross.

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