5 Reasons Why Nick Is Better Than Joe Jonas

Written by Deisy

I was a Jonas Brothers fanatic growing up and I’m not ashamed it. I would’ve done anything to touch their perfect hair. You could say that I was crushed when they announced their breakup. But I accepted it because “better things were coming”. NO, better things didn’t come. Instead we got some kind of tell-all from Joe (here) where he’s bashing Demi Lovato and talking about loosing his virginity. Really?! I thought he was better than that.


Oh, hey nick!

The only thing making me feel better about this whole situation is that Nick’s still perfect. I know Nick won’t disappoint us. He is the one I am betting on. Kevin is having a kid (he wasn’t an essential part of the band to begin with) and Joe has obviously lost it, but Nick will carry the Jonas name to the top! I know it.

1. The Jonas Brothers started because of him. He got signed in 2004 and needed people to sing back-up for his solo album. Being the family oriented individual that he is (sigh) , he asked his brothers to do it. How nice of him, right?!

2. He actually had a successful solo album when he took a break from The Jonas Brothers in 2010. Joe attempted to do the same and failed. Oops.

3. He’s dating Olivia Culpo aka Miss Universe 2012:

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?

 4. He can act too. Okay, forget about Jonas L.A. (so bad). The kid can actually act! He was on Broadway by the time he was 7 and has appeared on TV shows like Smash.

5. He looks like this:

I had to post another one. Sorry I’m not sorry.

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